Money | Become an informed and smart shopper

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There is a huge difference between a shopper and an informed shopper. The latter does not get duped, they know their rights and get the best value for their cash.

When making a purchase, how much time do you spend researching its reviews and price comparisons?

Obviously you can not do this for every small purchase but when it comes to the big ticket items that accounts for a large sum, you need to do your homework. This, in turn, will save you the hassle, grief, and money in the end.

There are multiple review and comparison websites now available. They offer a quick and easy way to compare different products and you get reviews from real, independent people.

Reddit is another great source if you have trouble finding very specific information about the products you are researching. With thousands of communities, you should find one related to your issue and you can also ask any pressing questions you have. If there is no community to gain information, create one.

Check out YouTube Unboxing videos for real life reviews. These videos feature people who have purchased a product and open it for the first time and give their immediate impressions. This video-stream provides a visual, unbiased view of what you can expect to show up at your door if you choose to purchase a certain product.

Once you have decided that the product is worth the investment, the next issue is price. Your first port of call is price comparison sites. It is also a good idea to price check in traditional bricks and mortar outlets as you sometimes can get a better deal there.

Unfortunately, there are occasions that you receive a product that is not as you expected. To avoid any hassle of trying to get your cash back, ensure you know what the seller’s return policy is and the warranty details in case you need to return it in the future.