Ways to get noticed (and promoted) in work

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It can be hard to climb the career ladder, even when you feel you’re doing everything right. But sometimes it’s simply because you work in a big company and it can be hard to get noticed when your colleagues are all working just as hard as you.

But if you’re aiming to eventually get that promotion, it can be the small efforts you can make on a daily basis that will get you noticed – and can only help you climb the ladder in the long run.

Let your boss know your goals

You might assume your boss knows that you’d like to be promoted, but chances are, they don’t know about your five year plan. It’s worth having a meeting with your boss and outlining your goals, so that when an opportunity comes up, they might remember your conversation. Ask you boss for advice on what you might need to progress on if an opportunity was to ever arise, but be sure to let your boss know that you’re happy where you are, you’re just ambitious too.

Do More Than Your Job Description

Always look around, beyond and beneath the opportunities that you seek.  Those that get noticed at work are those who approach each day with an open mind and don’t immediately say no to helping out colleagues in need. You don’t want to help others and sacrifice your own work, but if its doable and won’t effect the quality of your own projects, be open to helping others do their job.  This will require you to know their job description and core responsibilities too.

Don’t let office friendships get in the way

Business comes before friendship in the office, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t socialise. You want to be the nice person that you really are, it’s just important that you don’t sacrifice an opportunity in an expense of others. While it’s great to like your colleagues, keep your eye on the ball, and don’t get distracted.

Show an interest in others

Get to know people in other departments who can fill you in on the comings and goings in their area – so that you will hear of an opening before HR widely announces it. There’s nothing wrong with a quick  “Hi, how was your weekend?” to keep in touch with just about anyone in the office and keep you in their good books. Just make sure you don’t linger too long chatting to everyone, or you’ll be mistaken for a gossip rather than a serious worker taking interest in the business.