Well Being | Learning to stop being negative

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From daily news reports to people complaining about the smallest of things, there is no escape from negative environments and people. How can you stop being negative and transform your brain into positive thoughts.

There is always something or someone that tries to squash that little ray of positivity that you cling onto. How can one really stay positive and happy when faced with such situations? You simply have to train yourself to be a positive thinker.

Most positive people are simply thankful for what they have, whether that it is a lot or little. We live in a society that always craves more of everything. But will that expensive gadget or designer coat really make you positive and happy? Take stock of what you should value such as family and friends. It is fine to acknowledge that things may not be perfect but they are a lot better than what others have.

Office gossip or a friend’s dramatic episode may be comical for the first few minutes but it can quickly transcend into a nasty and negative situation. Avoid all such drama in your life as it will only drag you down.

Take Responsibility

When things go wrong, we tend to blame others and draw from that line of negative blaming. Take responsibilities for your actions, both the good and bad. Instead of focusing on the negative elements, learn from your mistakes and vow to never make them again.

Similarly, holding a grudge is another classic way that draws you into a negative spiral. Nothing good comes from holding a grudge. This does not mean you are welcoming back the person into your life. You are just being the bigger person by forgiving them.

Being nice to other people allows you to embrace and enjoy a positive existence. Do something nice for someone each day. The good karma will pay you back handsomely for it.