What’s happening in Soapland: w/c April 2

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Coronation Street
So… Mr Barlow comes round in hospital but can’t believe that someone would leave him for dead. Particularly one of his family. Later in the week, Ken admits to Roy that he’s scared to go home, leading to Roy offering him a place to stay. Awh. Tracy, Daniel and Peter are suspicious of Adam when he reveals some news, then he asks a new friend to give him an alibi. What’s some blackmail between friends? The police are shocked to hear Ken tell them there were plenty of reasons why his loved ones would want to hurt him.
Faye turns down dinner with Anna, saying she has to work with Craig – but then Craig tells the truth.
Peter tracks down Simon’s teacher and asks for his mobile. Then he smashes it to bits to retrieve the SIM card. Naughty. Tracy tracks down Ken’s will and starts to read. Will she like what she sees?
Sinead drowns her sorrows in the Rovers (where else?) and worries Beth with her vicious words. Hmm.
Rita and Audrey notice a charged moment between Cathy and Brian. Speaking of Rita, she gives Freddie £1 for the fruit machine and he wins the jackpot. Let’s just say he doesn’t recompense her appropriately.
Nathan suggests Bethany record a new vlog with Mel but she comes across an incriminating picture on his computer. How careless of Nathan. Will she confront him?
Eileen’s told that she’s won an electric car. Phelan suggests Eileen get a proper instructor to teach her how to drive.
Kevin’s embarrassed when his card is declined. Dev offers him groceries on the house but Kev’s too proud to accept.


Yes, it’s difficult but the residents are trying to do their best to return to normal after certain recent events. One family is in pieces, another’s members are badly drifting apart. It is Walford, of course, which means gossip spreads like wild re, as Martin struggles to get his head around everything. Us too.
Tina visits Shirley in the chokey but how will her appearance go down? Speaking of Tina, she gets a much needed helping hand from an unexpected friend.
Abi helps Ben and Jay find a new flatmate but with no luck, she has another idea.
Lauren gets a call from Josh who invites her out to dinner. He wants Lauren to apply for a job in his company.
The day of the sponsored bike ride to raise money arrives, but what happens?


We’re not friends with Emmerdale this week because one storyline comes to a very, very sad ending. Even if the storyline ends in a very beautiful way, even if it’s probably the perfect way for it to end. We’ll say no more.
Cain’s astounded to see Faith standing in for Debbie when she offers to look after Sarah. Moira suggests he should get to know his mammy but will Faith thank her for what she could see as interference?
Peace of a sort is restored between Rhona and Vanessa but it’s not long before one learns some news that’ll anger. at said, one of the friends discovers something that could change their friendship forever. Eek.
Aaron’s released from prison – hooray – but is still juggling his demons. He speaks with Rebecca but Robert notices. And panics.


Ros na Rún
Adam tells Fia that he wants to make their relationship work. Which is lovely but will that thought remain when he learns she’s been rather busy planning their future?
Mack wants to make friends with Jason. Will Jason give Mack a second chance? Meanwhile, Katy’s upset that Jason doesn’t want to spend time with baby Jay.
Niamh moves home to get some TLC from Imelda. Pulling an all-nighter, she just might sleep through her exam time!
Colm finally realises that he’ll always be judged by his past. And it’s getting him down. Awh, sad face.


Red Rock
Sharon’s rushed to hospital after that incident and Rory is left to deal with (a furious) Dunne who wants to know what exactly happened. Rory grows increasingly erratic and close to suspension. All is clearly not what it seems…
Niamh can no longer face working in The Neptune after her daddy ‘fessed up. She seeks solace in someone’s company (bad idea) and the Pier Pub.
Patricia’s trying (and failing) to keep Laser off her back. Things then go from bad to worse when someone else spots the full extent of Laser’s threats. Crumbs. I sense a big decision being made.


Holby City
When an emotionally weary Jasmine makes a life-changing decision, Serena is brought up short by the pain she has caused. A determined Bernie offers Serena support but fears it’s come too late. Has it?
Dominic reveals the extent of Isaac’s cruelty and Zosia seizes a chance to help her friend, but gets more than she bargained for. All we’ll say is… be very careful, Zosia
Mo reels when she’s confronted with a challenging view of motherhood when a pregnant woman makes a difficult choice. ere’s certainly never a dull moment for the staff in Holby…


Fair City
Nora leaves employment with Cathal then asks for her job back. He warns there’ll be consequences if she leaves again. Cathal later provokes Jake and someone reaches boiling point. Scary scenes ensue.
Leo confides to Eoghan that he worries what his life has come to.
Rose forces Eoghan into getting his house back off Debbie and Tommy. Debbie’s not impressed but Rose has got something to say… Miriam then gets involved.
Niamh’s worried she can’t trust Marcus while Paul’s worried that he’s losing her. Later, she notices something that she probably wasn’t supposed to see. How careless. Is she swapping one liar for another?
Troy says he plans to return to London. Can he be persuaded to stay?