Family | How to stop sibling jealousy when new baby arrives

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Welcoming a new baby in the house can be a great source of fun and excitement for everyone. That is until the sibling jealousy sets in.

Sibling jealousy is natural. This is especially true if your child(ren) has been the centre of the house and your focus for so long.

It can be a tricky situation trying to please and comfort your child(ren), while still managing with a new baby in the house.

According to the experts, there are some things you can do to help ease the situation.

First, prepare your child about the arrival of the new addition. Let it be known that they are the first people to hear the news. This should make them feel special and involved in the whole journey.

Have a countdown calendar so they know exactly when it is happening. For younger children, it may be easier to tie in the birth with an event such as Easter, Christmas, or a birthday.

Talk about the birth in a positive way. Share some snippets as to what happens. Such education may give them a greater understanding of the whole process and appreciation when the child arrives.

Give them time to bond with the new baby. This can start from letting them feel the baby or letting them sing to the baby in your tummy.

Role play is a great way of getting children to explore issues and open up about their worries. Use dolls to role play babies, and use this as tool for giving your child insight into what babies are like, and what they need. This gives you a chance to talk about the need for a baby to sleep, feed and gentleness.

When the baby comes, make sure to compliment the child when they are being gentle and caring. Allow them the opportunity to bond and get involved in the caring process.

Finally, take some time out to spend with the child to ensure they do not feel left out.