Lifestyle | Back to school…and back to work

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Ask any parent about the difficulty juggling a full-time career and children back to school and you will get a list of complaints. There are some things you can do to make life a little easier…for everyone.

After a hard days work, most parents return home to another hard evening’s work of helping with the homework and household chores.

As well as exhaustion trying to juggle it all, most mothers also have to contend with those overwhelming feelings of guilt. And that never gets easier.

There is no magic solution to please everyone, and everything in your life. There are, however, some things that you can do to make your life easier.

Organisation is the key to help maintaining a stress-free routine. Stocking up on all school items now, for example, will save you running around late at night when supplies are low. This includes everything from stationery, extra uniforms and lunch items. Buying in bulk now can also save you more cash in the long-run.

Having an extra clean uniform and sports attire in the closet will help on those occasions when there is an inevitable mishap with their first set.

Educate yourself on your child’s eating policy. You do not want your child to be the only one with forbidden food, or missing out on the days that they are allowed certain items.

Put all school notifications in your phone and set a reminder to keep on top of all important dates, such as half days, and activities. 

Getting involved in the parent’s association or events may sound like hard work but it is not necessarily time consuming and it gives you an opportunity to keep informed of all that is happening in your child’s school.

Finally, try to organise that you do a drop-off or pick-up at least once a month. This will help ease that horrible parent guilt and will help you feel connected to your child in school.