Meet Ivan Fahy, the Irish androgynous model

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For the latest instalment of the ‘Thinkhouse X Series,’ Thinkhouse, the youth communications agency, collaborated with Ivan Fahy, an Irish androgynous model and gender and LGBT activist.

Ivan is a refreshingly outspoken and focused individual and regularly hosts workshops for school and university students on a range of topics, such as gender, sexuality, consent, being LGBT, sexual health, body confidence, and anti-homophobic and transphobic bullying.

Ivan models professionally but what really makes him stand out is the fact that he models the way he wants to – and that’s in heels.

ivan fahy 2


Speaking about the collaboration, Jane McDaid, Founder of Thinkhouse said that when Ivan first approached Thinkhouse, she knew a collaboration was on the cards.“Our creative teams met with him and learned that, beyond his modelling ability, he had an incredibly brave, powerful story to tell. So our film, creative and photography teams collaborated to produce a series of photographs and a short film that brings Ivan’s story to life.”

Kevin Goss-Ross, Thinkhouse’s Art Director, undertook the photography shoot and work to come up with a concept that would portray Ivan’s strength, determination and ambition.

The film was captured by Jamie Brennan, Thinkhouse’s Production Director, who wanted to capture the story in a way that would motivate young people experiencing similar challenges. The film is part of Thinkhouse’s Youth Culture Series – a series of passion projects for youth audiences.

Watch it here: