Real Life | Are you joining the Dry January brigade?

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Do you really want to kickstart the new year in a healthy manner? Joining the ‘Dry January’ bandwagon may be the best way to start.

Leading a more healthier lifestyle is one of the top new year’s resolutions many of us make each year. And cutting down on calorie-laden alcohol drinks is part of that vow.

The post-festive period is the best time to cut down on alcohol, according to Caroline Cullen from the Irish Heart Foundation.

“We all love the festive seasons, it’s a month of celebrations and catching up with friends and family. As we know, it can also be a period of over-indulgence with too many mince pies and tasty treats, often with alcohol. Giving your body a break after the party season is a great way to kick-start a healthy new year, plus reducing your alcohol consumption will help you feel better all round. But it’s not always easy to motivate yourself to take the plunge to a healthier you.”

Embracing the ‘On the Dry’ campaign is one way to motivate you. In a survey of last year’s participants, just over 60 per cent said they had better sleep and more energy after taking part. Almost 50 per cent reported losing weight, almost 80 per cent saved money and over 80 per cent said they felt a sense of achievement.

This 31-day campaign could also lead to a greater change in your drinking habits, as has been the case in the UK. Studies from its campaign found that six months after taking part in the alcohol-free month, participants drank alcohol less frequently, were less likely to get drunk and found it easier to say no to alcohol in social settings.

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