Real Life | Festive Drinks without the Calories

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Having a few tipples during the festive season is all fun until you start feeling it the next day, and the weeks after.

It’s hard not to get swept up in the festive period. There is always a party, family get together or visit that involves ‘a little tipple.’ Two weeks of a few tipples, however, can quickly add up.

While it’s easy to attribute those extra pounds on all of those mince pies and sweets, it can be our alcohol intake that can be the biggest culprit.

The recommended safe intake for women is up to 11 standard drinks per week. During the festive season, that amount can quickly double up. Therefore, it is important to take some measures to help reduce or manage that intake, and subsequent headache.

Equating alcohol intake to food can be the alarm that you need to rethink the types of drinks you choose. For example, did you know that a bottle of wine has the same amount of calories as a McDonald’s meal?

To manage that post-party headache, look for wines with less alcohol levels. It can be hard to find anything less than 11% but there are some 9.5% bottles in shops. Add some non-alcoholic beverage to wine to lessen its impact, such as slimline tonic or diet lemonade. Dry white or red wine also contain less calories than sweeter wines.

Alternatively, you could follow in the footsteps of the celebrities for a glass of bubbly. And all for 100 calories a glass.

Also mix spirits with low-calorie mixers and invest in a measuring glass so you know that you are pouring a standard measure at-home.

Unfortunately, beer, lager and cider is loaded with calories. A pint of standard beer contains around 160 calories, while the new cider options can count up to 200 calories.

As for cocktails, try to avoid anything that is made with cream, coconut milk or syrup juices as they are packed with calories. Similarly, avoid cream liqueurs and instead opt for a single shot of brandy if you really want something fancy after your meal.

Finally, why not offer to drive from time to time over the festive season, so that you won’t be able to drink anything other than low-cal diet drinks!