Real Life | Is buying medicine online safe?

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Faced with expensive doctor bills and prescriptions, people often feel they have no choice but to buy their medications online. But is buying medicine online safe? 

Buying your prescriptions online may appear the best way to save money, but it could be costing your health and prove a bigger dent to your wallet. That is the view of the health experts as they warn of the big risks and dangers associated with buying prescription-only medicines online.

It is interesting to note that many sites supplying medicines hide their true identity and location to deceive people. As well as not knowing what product you will receive, you may also be at risk of credit card fraud and identity theft as the people behind such sites can often be criminals.

Here are some of the other dangers associated with buying prescription-only medicines online;

  • There is no guarantee that the medicines you buy are genuine or that it is the same medicine that was prescribed for you. As a result, your condition may go untreated.
  • There is no way of knowing if the medicine has been tested and approved for human use. There is also no way of verifying if the medicine sent is the same as advertised on their site.
  • The medicine may not have been packaged, labelled or stored correctly and could be out-of-date.
  • There may be no important patient information on the product, such as how to take the medication and how often.
  • The active ingredient in the medicine is what makes it work. A medicine bought online may contain no active ingredient, or too much or too little of it.
  • Some medicines bought online have been found to contain dangerous toxic substances.
  • As there is no certainty about what is in the medicine you buy online, you cannot be sure if it is safe to use alongside medicines you may already be taking.