Real Life | New campaign to highlight dating dangers

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A new campaign is being rolled out this week to help young women recognise the red flags when dating and to combat online stalking and ‘revenge porn.’

Dating is not always fun and games. Do you really know the person you are seeing frequently, and sharing snippets of your life to?

Unfortunately, for many women, there is no fairytale ending after meeting that someone ‘special’? According to Women’s Aid, one in five women over the age of 18 experience abuse from an intimate partner.

It is for this reason why the organisation has launched a new campaign – 2in2u – to help young women to recognise the difference between the safe and the sinister in dating relationships and to teach them how to combat online stalking and abuse.

It is also a sad reality that abusive partners now use the internet and social media to control and stalk.

There are many signs of dating abuse that women should actively look out for in the initial stages of your relationship, according to Women’s Aid.

Does your partner complain about your friends or says you spend too much time with them? This is one definitive sign that your partner is trying to control elements of your life.

Similarly, the partner may complain that you spend too much time away and insists that you spend all of your time with them.

Abusive partners also tend to insist on picking your clothes and comments on how you look or dress.

Sending messages constantly to check up on you when you are not with them is another sign.

They may request your passwords to keep track of your email and social media accounts. They may also be jealous and suspicious, and accuse you of cheating.

At the extreme level, they may start showing a bad temper and start physical towards you. They may also threaten to hurt you, or themselves, if you walk away.

These are just some of the signs that we should all look out for when dating.

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