Temple Street launches animated film for kids

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For any child attending or anticipating a visit to hospital, it can be a daunting time. Some are too young to understand why they are there while others might be frightened by the idea of not knowing what to expect when they do arrive.

With this in mind, award winning Irish animation studio Cartoon Saloon has teamed up with Temple Street Children’s Hospital where they have developed a special animated short film that will help prepare children for a visit to the hospital and to explain, using simple, understandable terms, what is involved in every stage of the process.

Narrated by actor Chris O’Dowd, ‘Ben and Tara’s visit to the hospital’ takes the Temple Street mascots on a fun guided tour inside the children’s hospital as they prepare to have an operation.

The video is available online at www.cuh.ie for children all over the country to watch. Speaking about the new short film, Senior Play Specialist in Temple Street Children’s Hospital, Caroline Flynn says, “We’re hugely grateful to the team at Cartoon Saloon for taking the time out of their hectic schedules to develop this wonderful video resource for Temple Street. It is a fantastic tool for children to demystify the whole process of having an operation and help allay their fears before coming to hospital. By explaining the process in clear and understandable terms to children, it not only greatly reduces their anxiety in advance of the operation but also improves co-operation during procedures.”

She added, “We’d also like to warmly thank Chris O’Dowd for narrating the film. We are absolutely thrilled that he lent his voice to the project.”