Well Being | Why colouring books are a must for stressed individuals

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Colouring in is no longer child’s play as more adults are using this playful method as a means to combat stress and calm the mind.

Spending your time colouring in may not sound the most effective means to occupy your mind and de-stress but that is exactly what people around the globe are doing.

There is a simple theory behind this practice, according to mindfulness gurus. Active meditation focuses attention on simple tasks that require repetitive motion. Concentrating this way replaces negative thoughts and creates a state of peace. This activity of choosing the colours to create your picture and the repetitive action of colouring it in focuses the brain on the brain on the present, blocking out negative and intrusive thoughts.

Another study from San Francisco State University has shown that people has shown that people who partake in creative activities outside of work can deal with stress better while their performance at work improves.

Colouring in, as such, is just one creative practice that you could try to de-stress. With colouring books now dominating the bookshelves and bestsellers lists, there are plenty of options for those interested in partaking in this gentle artform.

One Irish fan of the practice is model and health guru, Roz Purcell. She says she started colouring in after reading the positive reviews, and has not looked back since.

“As a bit of a confessed phone addict, hypochondriac and stressor I never have had the ability to switch off. I have never been able to allocate work times,” she says.

Colouring in, however, changed that. “After I finish a little colouring whether it’s 15 minutes or an hour, every issue I have a big or small, is forgotten. All that I am focused on is what colour I will use next. Everything else disappears,” she explained.