Healthy holiday essentials

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Holidays are all about taking time out to chill and relax, but often the run up to our few weeks off is the time when we’re most stressed and run down. We’re trying to plan for going away and organising work for the time we are away. But while filling up on fruit and veg in the run up to your few weeks’ getaway is always a good idea, there are other precautionary products you can take with you to help stave off certain holiday hindrances.

Bad Traveller

For some, the build up to a journey, from packing, to navigating the airport, to the airplane taking off, can really take an emotional toll. Rescue Remedy Spray is a combination of 5 of the original 38 flower essences discovered by Doctor Bach which are each directed at a particular emotional state:

  1. Rock Rose –  for terror and panic
  2. Impatiens –  for irritation and impatience
  3. Clematis – for inattentiveness
  4. Star of Bethlehem – for shock
  5. Cherry Plum – for irrational thoughts

The 20ml size of Rescue Remedy is perfect for throwing in your handbag when travelling and it helps us get back to our normal selves so we can calmly deal with any situation.

rescue remedy

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