One in four of us admit to being intimate on the beach

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It seems us Irish quite like a day at the seaside.

And there are more than just a few reasons why! According to a study carried out by, 25% of Irish holiday makers surveyed admitted to getting intimate during a visit to a beach abroad – the same percentage of Australian holiday makers but coming in higher than our French or British counterparts.

The findings showed that 90% of Irish people who went on holiday in the last year, went to beach destinations outside Ireland, with Spain proving the most popular choice.

But the findings also showed we are the most skin savvy when it comes to getting in to the sun, with Irish people revealed as the highest percent in the world when it comes to being worried about getting sunburnt on holiday.

The Expedia research ranked the Irish third in the world when it comes to indulging on food and drink on holidays (we’re obviously saving our spending money hard), while 48% of us go shopping as part of our holiday prep routine.

But despite one in four of us admitting to getting intimate on a beach at some point in our lives, we’re still a conservative bunch –  57% of Irish beach-goers admit to feeling somewhat or very uncomfortable in the company of topless or nude beach-goers. And despite what you might think, the majority of us (59%) stated they would never share or post photos of themselves in swimwear on social media sites.


The survey was conducted by surveying 11,115 employed adults across 24 countries in the world.