How to pack light going on holiday with Styleuphoria

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Ideally seven days in the sun should equal to one small suitcase and a few essential toiletries. But for some reason when it comes to packing for a trip away, all kinds of scenarios pop into our heads and suddenly we need the extra five dresses ‘just in case’. Plus, being Irish, packing for four seasons is a tradition. But travelling these days can be costly and one way to keep to save a few pennies is to pack light. So where do we start?

Siobhan McHugh – also known as personal shopper and stylist Styleuphoria – has shared her top tips for packing light. A firm follower of fashion (as well as recently having a bouncing baby boy) Siobhan knows a thing or two about packing as light as possible!

What are the basic pieces every woman needs to pack going on a summer holiday?

Bikini, sun glasses, Summer hat, 1 pair of flip flops, 1 pair of going out shoes/wedges, a Kaftan, 1 short Dress, 1 maxi dress, three tops to every one bottom (1 shorts, 1 skirt, 1 trousers), 3 necklaces, 1 watch, 1 small cross over bag (for money and phone), beach bag, underwear, a small bag of travel cosmetics / 2 light oversized scarves that can be used as a make shift kaftan, sarong or also as coverage if it is cold in the evenings / make up, phone charger and don’t forget your passport!

How many pairs of shoes is too many?

More than two pairs per day! The minimum would be two pairs for a holiday – a pair of flip flops, and one going out pair such as wedges.

Do you have any tricks when it comes to fitting clothes into the suitcase?

  • Pack strategically and make use of all of your space
  • For your checked baggage
    • Roll your clothes rather than folding them, it helps with space and less creasing.
    • If you are going with a group of people decide on one person to bring a hair dryer, one person to bring a hair straightener and so on.
    • Fill your shoes with your jewellery and smaller pieces.
    • Bring towels that you don’t mind leaving behind, as this will make space for shopping on holidays
    • If you are bringing a floppy hat but don’t want to wear it on the journey to your destination, pack it carefully in your suitcase by filling the head of the hat with rolled up tops to keep the shape rounded.
    • Buy shampoo, conditioner and other heavy cosmetics over there.
  • For your hand luggage
    • Pack a bag within a bag so that way, when you are on the flights, you can put your cabin case over head and take out the items you need for the flight and put it in the smaller bag. This will save you getting up and down searching through a large carry on bag. I would advise opting for a small cross over bag in case there are any robbers lurking about on holidays to make it harder for them to steal from you!

What should we be leaving at home?

  • Winter clothes!
  • If you are unsure as to whether to pack it or not, don’t.
  • Towels; you can buy them over there and leave them behind making more space for clothes selection
  • Large bottles of shampoo, conditioner and other heavy cosmetics that you can readily buy there.

How do we avoid packing too much?

  • Look up the weather forecast in advance to give you a guide what to pack.
  • Keep colours similar so that you can mix and match your clothes easily.
  • Try on all of your outfits before putting them in your bag. (If it helps take photos so you remember what goes with what.)
  • Pick out your outfits in advance and create a holiday capsule..

 What is the one item you never go away without?

  • The passport goes without mentioning!
  • Benefit High Beam. Once I get a tan I don’t feel I need to wear the same amount of make up I would wear at home on a night out. Sometimes a tanned face, with a glint of high beam in all the right places, is just enough to give that fresh-faced summer glow.

Any other tips or tricks you’ve learned when it comes to packing light?

  • Bring an e-reader rather than loads of heavy paperbacks.
  • Google earth the location so that you can see the streets, it will give you an idea if you could wear high heels or not.
  • Read reviews online to see what the nightlife is like, this will give you an idea of what to wear on nights out.
  • Bring enough clothes in your carry on bag to get you through the first two days incase your checked in-luggage goes missing.

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