Protecting your cash when travelling

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We work hard every day and we deserve that well-earned break, whether it’s a few days by the pool, a mini city break for a spot of shopping or just a few days of fun and freedom. Regardless of where your summer holiday takes you, it’s crucial that you take good care of that well earned dough and being vigilant about your finances is important as there are pick pockets found all over the world. But being aware is only half the battle. And here are a few tips to keep in mind to help you protect yourself and your spending money.


Wear a money pouch

Use a pouch for your cash, credit/debit cards and even your passport instead of having it all in a handbag or wallet in your pocket. Money pouches come in various forms and tend to hang around your neck underneath your t-shirt or can be worn as a belt, with the pouch on the inside of your clothing. These are handy if you’re planning on being in crowded areas or on trains and are a much safer option.


Spread your valuables out

If you’re travelling with someone, ask your companion to hold on to some of your cash or a spare card, and vice versa. If one of you gets pick pocketed, you’ll still have a back up. If you’re alone, carry a backup credit card for emergencies and keep it somewhere separate to your other cards. If you are unlucky enough to lose any money, you’ll still have emergency funds.


Be safe at ATMs

This goes without saying, and is something we all tend to do on a daily basis anyway. But if we have a problem at home in Ireland, we can walk into our local branch and withdraw money if we need to. Abroad, it’s not quite as easy and you’re relying on phonecalls and dodging time differences. be sure to avoid counting cash at the ATM, wait until you’re in a safer area. And if the ATM is in a dimly lit area, leave it and find an alternative.


Limit the amount of cash you carry

Carrying a credit card is often way too tempting to spend too much money. But it is a safer alternative to carrying all your money in cash. If your credit card is stolen, it’s easier to cancel any transactions, but if you lose cash, there are no replacements.


Use a currency card

If you’re travelling to the UK, Canada, USA or Australia, think about saving your money on to an An Post currency card. Simply top up in any An Post branch before you go and use it in 1.9million ATMs, shops and restaurants around the world. It’s chip and pin protected and you can keep an eye on your balance online too. Handy!