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Dream Destination: Malaysia

Malaysia has been described as being like two countries in one. Split by the South China Sea, Malaysia is made up of the Malaysian Peninsula and part of Borneo.

The area itself is known for its fantastic beaches, amazing rainforest and unique culture. Kuala Lumpur is the country’s capital city and is a must-stop for many backpackers. However, if back packing isn’t you’re thing, there’s a host of luxurious accommodation options on offer.

Why visit Malaysia?
There is so much to see in Malaysia and you get the best of both worlds. If cosmopolitan living is what you want, then Kuala Lumpur with it’s amazing, space-age design and buzzing atmosphere is the place to go for trendy cafes and restaurants, ahead-of-its-time architecture and great shopping.

If you’re looking to go off grid completely and into the wild, Malaysian Borneo is full of wild jungles that are home to the country’s most famous resident – the orangutan.

You’ll also find spectacular beaches, tourist hot-spots and beautiful temples. What’s not to love?

When to go?
If you’re travelling for a beach holiday, the good news is that you’ll be happy all-year round with the Malaysian weather. However, the wet season runs from April to October and during this time you’re likely to experience thunderstorms in the afternoon, however these are usually over quick and they help to reduce any humidity in the air. If you’re visiting the east coast however, be warned that the wet season is a bit more intense and the area is best avoided from November to February.
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