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Dream Destination: Bruges

Bruges is the perfect place for a city break. A picturesque city in Flanders, northern Belgium, here you’ll find beautiful cobbled streets, gorgeous canals and a buzzing atmosphere.

Bruges is both cosmopolitan and historic and is incredibly popular with tourists. The best thing about Bruges is that there’s something for everyone here. There’s plenty of fantastic restaurants and cafes, some great shopping and if you’re a history or architecture buff, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Why visit Bruges?
Why not? It’s a historical gem and is full of interesting things to see and do. The Groeninge Museum is home to art which spans several centuries. The Heilige Bloed Basiliek is a church which houses a very special holy relic and the Diamant Museum or ‘diamond museum’ has a fascinating exhibit.

When to go?
You can visit Bruges all year round however, it’s worth noting that the city is known for its poor weather. In the summer months, the average daily temperature rarely exceeds 21C and in the autumn and winter you can expect damp, chilly and rainy weather.