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Dream Destination: Lisbon

Europe’s second oldest capital city, Lisbon was once home to the world’s greatest explorers. In modern times it’s a beautiful city full of culture, it’s fantastic value and the weather is superb.

Lisbon is a captivating place and is home to a variety of tourist attractions. From palaces to dolphin watching, there is so much to see and do. As well as offering fantastic bang for your buck (it’s the cheapest capital city in Western Europe), it’s also one of the safest. While there is a certain level of pickpocketing in popular tourist areas, serious violent crime is almost unheard of.

Why visit Lisbon?
It’s a friendly place that has a lot of cultural hidden treasures. It’s also the only European capital city that is located so close to the beach. This means that you get the best of both worlds – a city break with a resort-like feel. It’s also a great gateway to the rest of Portugal and it’s incredibly easy to explore smaller towns and villages.

When to go?
Lisbon’s mild weather makes it an ideal location all year around. In summer you can expect blue skies and sunshine and even in winter, temperatures will rarely fall below 10-15C.