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Dream Destination: Ubud, Bali

Located in the uplands of Bali, Ubud is a beautiful, friendly place. In recent years, it grew in popularity after appearing in the best-selling book Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Here you’ll find breathtaking rainforest vistas, Hindu temples, ancient holy sites and some of the happiest, friendliest locals in the world.

One thing is for sure – when you travel to Ubud, you’ll definitely want to come back again and again and again.

Why visit Ubud?
As well as being astonishingly beautiful and welcoming, Ubud has a wonderful mix of history and culture. It’s become known as a centre for traditional Indonesian arts, crafts and dance.

Here you won’t find the typical beach party scene that’s so popular in other parts of bali. The pace here is slower, with more focus on wellbeing and enjoying life. There are so many wonderful things to see in Ubud. Try touring the bamboo forest, pay a visit to Pura Puseh Batuan temple and venture into the Goa Gajah (‘elephant cave’).

When to go?
The temperature in Ubud is very consistent and you can expect and average low of 19C-23C to an average high of 31C-33C. Rainy season occurs from January through March and dry season takes place from June to September.
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