Travel | Wanderlust Wednesday: Santorini

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Travel: Wanderlust Wednesday: Santorini

Santorini is a place that many people are instantly familiar with. Pick up any travel magazine and you’re bound to see the trademark white washed houses and blue roofs. Santorini is one of the Cyclades islands located in the Aegean Sea.

Dubbed ‘the supermodel’ of the Greek islands, it has a reputation for stunning natural beauty, incredible beaches and a distinctly romantic vibe.

Located halfway between Athens and Crete, Santorini was created by a volcanic eruption. As a result of this, it now has some incredible volcanic sand beaches.

The West coast of the island is where you’ll find the heavily photographed white washed houses and incredible views of the sea. Fira is the island’s capital.

Places to visit in Santorini

  • Oia – A picturesque white washed village, here you’ll find the stunning views Santorini is famed for, narrow, winding streets and small squares. This is the place to go for those incredible sunsets that truly are photograph-worthy.
  • Kamari Beach – A black pebble beach, Kamari Beach is a bustling hub of activity. Here you’ll find lots of beachfront bars and restaurants. It’s the perfect place to wine and dine yourself on an evening.
  • Enjoy a wine-tasting – Santorini is not only home to natural beauty, it’s also home to some incredibly celebrated wine. Try the local Vinsanto, a dessert wine that’s to die for.

When to visit Santorini?
The best time to visit the island is between late April and early November. Travelling during these months will give you dry weather, high temperatures and very little rain. However if you’re hoping to avoid the throngs of tourists, try booking in April, September or November.