3 ways to snap out of a bad mood

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Sometimes you could have plenty of reasons to be in a bad mood, other times you can’t think of any, but either way, bad moods are hard to shake off. And they can be difficult for you and those around you to deal with. While it’s normal not to feel happy all the time, there are days when you just don’t want to be in a bad mood and you might just want to try a way of shaking it off.

Forget the plans you thought you had – change them for something you actually enjoy. You might have had plans to do the washing or clean the bathroom, or just catch up on some paperwork. But if it’s going to make your mood worse, then leave it for another day and do something you like instead in an effort to lift your mood. Whether it’s bringing your dog for a walk, watching your favourite show on TV or having a long bubble bath, choose what it is that cheers you up and treat yourself.

Mediate. Having a spiritual life often makes people feel happier and many believe that meditation or prayer can give you a break from your current environment and allow you to experience a bit of a ‘mental refresher’. Find a quiet place to sit comfortably. Take slow, deep breaths. Focus on your breathing and on clearing your mind of other thoughts. Try to picture your bad mood leaving your body with every exhalation.

Read a book or watch a favorite television show or movie. Studies have shown that having vicarious experiences through others (which happens with both reading and watching well-known characters on a favorite TV show) can make you feel happier. It’s worth a shot!