5 songs that will help you relax

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Whether you’re route home from work involves a walk, a bus journey, or a while spent sitting in your car in traffic, that time you spend between work and arriving home is the perfect time to start unwinding and shake off the cobwebs of a busy day at the office. But what do you actually do during that time? The majority of us are likely to spend that time being frustrated at traffic lights, worrying about what happened in work that day, or stressed about having to cook dinner and clean on our arrival home. But putting on a set of headphones on the bus or putting a CD on in the car can actually really help us to chill out and prepare us for an evening off work that we might actually enjoy. Music is known to be relaxing, depending on the theme you choose.

You might have your own favourites you like to listen to but if not, here are 5 songs that can help you relax on this evening’s journey home…

The Black Keys – All You Ever Wanted

Lana Del Ray – Bel Air

Norah Jones – Come Away With Me

James Taylor – Fire and Rain

Coldplay – Strawberry Swing