The app that helps you eat healthier

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Keeping an eye on what you’re eating everyday is one sure way to stick to a healthier diet. Food diaries have been used for years as a way to track your diet and now, in such a technology driven age, it’s easier than ever to keep track of what you eat even on the go, without the worry that you’ll forget to bring a pen and paper with you.

Wholesome App

The Wholesome App is free to download and is one way to make your healthy eating goals much easier to achieve. Not only can you check out healthy recipe ideas but you can also keep track of how many vitamins and minerals you eat everyday and go beyond tracking the foods you consume. The app even suggests the nutrients and vitamins you’re lacking in your diet and can recommend foods you should add in. It even tells reminds you to drink water. Simply add in each meal or snack you eat on a daily basis, including glasses of water, and then check the overall daily diet to see what you should eat more or less of.

No matter what your goal – to lose or put on weight, to drink more water or get more vitamin C, this app does all the hard work and calculations for you.

wholesome app