Be more productive this Wednesday

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It’s already midweek and for some of us, the week might be dragging while for others, we can’t quite believe where the time has gone. Either way, Wednesdays are the best days to get things done – and there are some things you can do during your working week to be more productive!

Get up earlier

It might sound like a terrible idea but if you struggle to get everything done during the day and you’re too tired at night to even think about anything else, then just give in to an early night and instead set your alarm for a half an hour earlier in the morning. It will give you those extra few minutes you might need to put on a wash or get through your emails and you’ll be set up for the day in no time.

Do the most important thing on your to do list in the morning

An important phone call or paying a bill, whatever is on the very top of your to do list today, do it first. It will help you feel slightly accomplished and it will help you feel motivated to get through your other, slightly less important tasks.

Take five minutes to prioritise

It might feel like you have an endless to do list that just keeps getting longer but it’s okay if it isn’t going to get done all in one day. Take five minutes in the morning to prioritise what you do need to get done, and leave the less important or time sensitive tasks until tomorrow.

Try to avoid multitasking

We might be good at it, but flicking from one thing to another – especially in work – can make our mind go into overdrive and you will end up being less productive than you set out to be. Try and focus on one task until it’s done before moving on to the next.

Don’t forget about leaving yourself some free time

You deserve it, and you need it for your sanity too.