Beating the Sunday Night Blues

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If you feel anxious, sad or even slightly depressed on a Sunday, you’re not on your own. Studies in other countries have shown that a large number of people get the Sunday night blues – 60% of Americans get the blues, while in Germany and Sweden, studies have shown that Sunday is the least happiest day of the week. But knowing that we’re not the only ones feeling low on a Sunday, only helps a small bit. However there are other ways to feel better on a Sunday – preparing better for Monday morning on a Friday is a popular way (so you’re not feeling too stressed about the amount of work you have to do).

Here are some other ways to cheer up your Sundays – and you can start them tonight.


Set yourself some non work related goals for the week

Weekdays don’t have to be all about working. Instead, set yourself some goals you would like to achieve over the coming week, which can help you feel excited and motivated about the days to come. Whether it’s to go for three walks, call in to see your friends, make a beauty appointment or cook something new, make sure you’re setting yourself some non-work related time to enjoy yourself.

Give yourself something to look forward to midweek

Set up a cinema date midweek or organise to have some friends call in for tea on Wednesday or Thursday evening, so that you are looking forward to something other than the weekend. It will be a light at the end of the working day tunnel and will make that bus journey to work on Monday morning a little more tolerable.

Get your chores over with early on in the weekend

Whether it’s cleaning the bathroom, sorting out your room or bringing bags of clothes to charity, whatever your weekend jobs are, get them over with on Saturday where possible so that you can enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Organise yourself for the week ahead

It may not be what you would like to do on Sunday evening but spending an hour ironing and planning your outfits for the week ahead will make it a little easier to get up on Monday morning. You won’t be looking for your favourite top as you race out the door and even though it sounds like a small task, it will make a massive difference when it comes to getting up in the morning.

Start a new book or TV show

Dedicate your Sunday night to watching a new Netflix show or starting a new book. That way you’ll look forward to relaxing each weekday evening when you get home by watching the new show or delving into the book.