Fashion | Declutter your wardrobe for Summer

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As we embrace Summer (hopefully!), now is a good time to declutter your wardrobe and make room for more seasonal clothes.

Considering the indifferent climes we have been enduring of late, it is impossible to pack away some of our more winter clothes.

But as the seasons start to change, it is the perfect time to assess what you have hidden in your wardrobe. Decluttering your space is associated with destressing your mind, making you more organised and at peace.

While we can be good at decluttering the spaces that most people see, we are often resistant to bring it to the next level – our wardrobes. Having spent so much money on clothes over the years, it is natural not to want to let go. But do you wear them anymore? Are your clothes in good condition?

These are the questions you need to ask before you embark on a decluttering project of your wardrobe.

Before you start throwing everything out of your wardrobe, take a strategic and planned approach. Set aside enough time to get through it. Two hours should be long enough.

Clear some space in your room and start placing items in separate piles such as jeans, tops, jumpers etc.

Once you have your set piles, rearrange them into ‘Yes,’ ‘No,’ and ‘Maybe’ categories. ‘Yes’ are the items you frequently wear and could not imagine getting rid of. ‘No’ refers to items you never wear and don’t like them anymore. ‘Maybe’ is that pile of items that you are unsure off.

Place all your ‘Yes’ pile back into your wardrobe. Get a large bag for the ‘no’ pile and donate it to local charities.

It is the ‘maybe’ pile that is often the largest, and most difficult with. Indeed, most of us tend to put the ‘maybe’ section back into the wardrobe for safety reasons.

Assess each item in this section and ask yourself some hard questions. Do you still look good in it? Try it on and see how you feel about it. If you fall back in love with it, put it back in the wardrobe. If not, put it in the charity bag.

If you saw the item in the shops again, would you buy it? You may have bought it on a whim but would you do it again?

When was the last time you wore this item? If you have not worn it in last six months, chances are you won’t again. Will you wear it again? Be honest.

If you spent a lot of money on it but never wear it, consider selling it on ebay.