Celeb’s Favourite Health Tips

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A Happy Healthy Summer

What keeps celebs feeling good?

Celebrity Health Tips


Anne Cassin

anne cassin

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Nationwide presenter Anne Cassin talks about her relatively recent love for running.

“I’ve only been doing it for about four years… considering I did nothing from when I was 14 up until then, it was quite a shock to the system to restart but I’ve found a groove now. I’m a big fan of Parkrun – www. parkrun.ie. It’s a Saturday morning run, it’s a global event. You get a barcode, you run your race, get yourself tagged then your barcode is scanned against your tag and you get a time.”

There’s no doubt that the popularity of running has increased significantly in the last few years, something Anne thinks helps boost wellbeing.

“I think women are really finding their confidence with running. The pressure is off; you’re running and you’re competing with yourself.”

Anyone who’s used the ‘Couch to 5K’ phone app knows that changes can be made over time.

“The first five kilometres I ran I did 32 minutes 28 seconds and I thought I was a genius,” says Anne.

“I now can do that same distance in 27 minutes 5 seconds and the time is coming down. Both times are nothing special but the sense of satisfaction is something I think loads of women are feeling.”

We ask if a disciplined eating regime works with her love of running.

“I’m disciplined but I’m also kind of lucky and I think I’d have to admit to that. At this stage, I don’t have a big weight problem; I used to when I was younger in my late teens but I’m disciplined. Not to eclipse the running but I also do a fair bit of Ashtanga yoga which is great for the mind.”

When we ask if Anna has any treat days if she’s very disciplined and she laughs, “I’m not ‘very’ disciplined, take very out and put it ‘sometimes!'”

“My big treat last week was to go and buy myself a new pair of runners – is that a bad sign? I paid a ridiculous amount of money for fancy pink runners which I hope are going to make me run faster! Do I eat chocolate? Yes, absolutely. When I do my park run on Saturdays, I’m dreaming of my coffee as I’m finishing up. It’s a pleasure, it’s not a hardship.”

The key to Anne’s routine is to take things in her stride.

“I wouldn’t be too obsessive. I’m always lapped by people in races. I run with the guys in RTÉ and we run at lunchtimes on Tuesdays, twice around the campus. There’s no more grounding feeling than the elite runners lapping you!”

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