Introducing the latest fitness trend: Animal Flow

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We’ve had various fitness trends come into our lives over the last number of years, from piloxing and yogalates to ballet barre and trampoling (we love the sound of the last one) but there will always be new trends coming to town and the latest one to take the US by storm is Animal Flow.

It combines a wide range of exercises and ground based movements that can be carried into any fitness regime or sport you already do. Its benefits are plenty – with creators stating that it will help improve mobility and flexibility, stability and endurance, as well as your neuromuscular communication. And best of all, it’s ideal for regular athletes as well as complete beginners.

You need nothing but a bare floor and it’s easily incorporated into a daily routine but the real question we all have, is where it’s name derives from. Well, take a look at the video below to see for yourself. And watch it become a massive trend later this year.