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Cliona McParland, Body Transformation Coach, gives her top tips to sticking to those new year’s fitness goals…YOU CAN DO THIS!

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It’s that time of year again. January. The holiday season has been and gone and now it’s time to get back on track. The second week of January is statistically the busiest week of the year in gyms and fitness centres across the country. But as many as 80 per cent of these well-intentioned gym goers will have dropped out by the same week in February.

Don’t want to be a statistic? Great! Here are my top tips to help you stick to your New Year fitness resolutions for 2015.

#1 Define your goals

First things first, you need to define your goals for 2015. Too many people focus on an outcome or the bigger picture and fail to consider the steps they need to take to actually get there. So while it is great to pick a goal such as ‘drop a dress size’ or ‘lose half a stone – it is far more beneficial to focus on the steps you need to take to get you there, like adding in an extra training session or tidying up your diet for example.

By breaking your goals down into smaller more manageable steps you are far more likely to achieve our overall end result this year.

#2 Start a structured training programme

Have you ever found yourself wandering aimlessly around the gym? Through the cardio machines, training studios maybe take a lap of the free weight section? Many people fail to stick to their New Year gym resolutions each year as they simply lack the knowledge to formulate a structured and balanced training programme.

Solution? Ask your local gym instructor for a training programme or if you are really serious hire yourself a coach. Working from a structured programme tailored to your own specific needs keeps you accountable to your goals, allows you to measure progress and eliminates the guesswork.

#3 Stick to simple nutrition

Nutrition is key to the overall success of any fitness regime, yet this is the part so many of us struggle with. But clean nutrition doesn’t necessarily mean restrictive nutrition nor should it be overly complicated. Instead you should begin by focusing on the types and amounts of food you are eating and how they fit into your daily macro count, like fibrous carbs – green leafy veg. Don’t worry if it is organic, fresh from the farmers market or grown in your grannies back garden. Sure that stuff can be important but what’s more important is getting the produce into your diet in the first place. You can worry about the ‘next level’ stuff at a later date. Get the basics right and keep things simple in the beginning.

#4 Form a Habit

True you could opt for a quick fix diet or a short-term training blitz. Sure you could put yourself through the ringer for a week or two. 100 per cent dedication. But short-term solutions are designed for short-term results. They are not designed with a long-term goal in mind.The truth is there are no quick fix solutions when it comes to training and nutrition. There are no short cuts when it comes to losing weight or getting into shape. Lifelong changes are not made in days or weeks. Solution? Make your health and fitness goals a habit, not a 30-day challenge. Trust me, your future self will thank you.

#5 Start!

Lets face it. Christmas wasn’t THAT bad. So you may have over-indulged slightly over the holidays – but what’s done is done. Don’t worry about what you HAVE done and instead look forward to what you WILL do this 2015. One or two ‘bad’ meals won’t make you overweight just like one or two ‘good meals’ won’t make you lean. Don’t let the past affect the future and especially don’t let it affect your new year. Its never too late to start BUT it is always too soon to quit.

So there you have it. Five bulletproof, can’t really fail if you actually stick to them, get you on track measures for 2015. After all getting started is the hardest part.


Cliona McParland, CPT

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