The new personal safety app for your smartphone

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If you’ve ever been in a situation where you felt unsafe or uncomfortable and weren’t sure whether to call home or 999, then having the BigRedButton app on your phone is a personal safety must.

In fact, it was an emergency call from his son that led Paul Price to develop BigRedButton, a personal safety app for smartphones which was launched last week.

BigRedButton (  has been developed to provide personal assistance and support to people when they are concerned for their safety or are in a vulnerable or threatening situation. They may not want to worry loved ones or it may not be appropriate to call the emergency services so BigRedButton gives them another option to get the support they need, while they manage their way out of the situation.

With the single touch of a button, users can instantly activate the BigRedButton on screen and they are immediately put in real-time contact with the trained team who know who they are, where they are and how best to support them. Simply having someone on the line may be all a person requires but the team can coordinate extra support by conferencing in one of the caller’s  emergency contacts and in a serious situation connecting the caller to the 999 emergency services. Once BigRedButton is pressed, the team can pinpoint a user’s location using GPS and will maintain constant, two-way communication with them until they decide they are no longer at risk.

“If you have ever felt uneasy when out running, going to or from the office or simply coming home from a night out with friends then the BigRedButton team can be your best friend in that situation”, Price said. “You may not want to wake up family or worry them, which we’ve found in research is especially true for teenagers and college students, but you do want to know that someone is always there ready and waiting to help if you decide you need it. BigRedButton does that and we know it will provide a great comfort to those who would like the option of having that extra support. As soon as the person has is happy they are safe, simply tell the team, and hang up. The user is always in control.”

Speaking about the event that led him to creating the BigRedButton app, Paul Price said: “We got a call from our son, who was in trouble, but we were not close enough to get to him quickly. We had to hang up and ring around to find someone who could get to him quicker than we could. When we tried to call back his line was engaged and when we did finally get through, it was obvious that the police were required so, again, we had to hang up so he could call 999. For everyone involved, not being in constant communication, was very stressful and I knew that this was a situation that other individuals and families find themselves in.”

BigRedButton is easy to download, simple to use and the trained response team, who are just one click away, are available 24 hours a dy, 365 days a year. Once the app has been downloaded users register their details and create a personalised list of support contacts, be that Mum or Dad, a partner, friend, or even a work colleague.

Available in the App Store: BigRedButton from TappApps. A one-year subscription to BigRedButton costs €9.99, with calls to the service costing €1.75 per minute.