Nighttime Rituals to Help You Unwind

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After a long, gruelling day at work, it can be hard to switch off properly before going to bed and getting a good night’s sleep. There’s often a lot of housework to do when we get home, and that’s after we make dinner, go shopping or look after children, depending on what your daily routine entails. Then when it comes to our own free time, we tend to spend it scrolling through our Facebook feeds to see what we missed out on instead of really giving our minds a proper rest. With a glass of wine aside, here are some foolproof ways to unwind at night.

Light a fire

Sitting beside a crackling fire, absorbing the heat and looking at the flames can be one of the most relaxing ways to wind down in the evening. Even if it is the middle of August – it’s Ireland, often cold and it’s never too early to light a fire and reap the benefits. If you don’t have a fire, light some candles. The flames and low lighting will have a similar effect.


There’s a reason aromatherapy has been used for years and that’s because it is a tried and tested method of promoting relaxation and reducing stress. Start off with lavender, which is known for improving sleep, lowering nighttime blood pressure and reducing anxiety and see how it goes. Some people believe aromatherapy has a placebo effect – but if it results in giving you a relaxing few hours followed by a good night’s sleep, then we’ll take it!

Take a bath

Even the thought of getting into a warm bath and having a soak is enough to mellow your active mind. If you’re finding it hard to wind down, start getting into the habit of climbing into a bath as soon as you’re home so you can get the most out of your evening and enjoy your free time.

Exchange a massage

If you love nothing more than asking your partner to massage your feet after a long day standing up, or massaging your shoulders after a day hunched over the desk, then you’ve already discovered a sure way to relax in the evening. But when it means returning the favour and massaging the knots out of your partner’s neck, it might not seem like the most relaxing time for you. But that’s where you’re wrong. People who give massages actually receive a few benefits too. You’ll feel less anxious and it can be a form of meditation as you pay close attention to what your hands are doing and tend to forget about daily stresses.