The benefits of an early night

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We’re all aware of the many reasons why we should be going to bed and getting a decent sleep every night. We know that our skin benefits from it, we know we’ll have more energy the next day and we know our brains are sharper as a result too. But even armed with this knowledge, it’s rare that we’ll sacrifice another episode of Netflix for an early night and we can easily get distracted by phones, last minute cleaning tasks and to do lists for the next day. But maybe these reasons for getting a good night’s sleep will tempt you to turn in a little earlier tonight. And you’ll thank us for it tomorrow!


  • Better sex life. Yes, it’s true. Besides the fact that if you’re too tired, you’ll pass up on the opportunity to have some romantic time with your other half, studies have shown that people who get a good night’s sleep tend to have better sex lives. Sleeping restores our cells and increases testosterone levels, meaning it boosts both men’s and women’s libidos too.
  • Less pain. If you suffer from pain, it’s believed that getting enough sleep can actually help you hurt less. Studies have shown a link between sleeplessness and a lower pain threshold. Plus, some medication tends to work better while you’re asleep so it’s worth having an early night if you’ve had a recent injury or you’re suffering with a headache.
  • You’ll feel happier. Getting a good sleep won’t guarantee you’ll have a brilliant day but if you aren’t exhausted, chances are you won’t be cranky or irritable. When you’re feeling tired, you’re more likely to burst out crying for no reason and react more sensitively to every day situations.
  • You’ll build muscle more easily. Your body uses most of the time you sleep to heal damage done to cells and tissue during the day, especially early on in your sleep cycle when you body releases growth hormones. So give your body a chance to do its repair work and go to bed that bit earlier to make the most of it.