Why summer could be the perfect time to boost fertility

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My Fertility Check is a website aimed at empowering, educating and reassuring individuals and couples about their reproductive health. My Fertility Check’s team of gynaecologists have a wealth of experience in fertility care and is a self-referral service – ideal if you want to know more about your fertility, whether you are planning on having a baby now or hoping to start a family in the future.

Mary McAuliffe  is a fertility nurse specialist and Head of Clinical services with My Fertility Check and with a number of weeks still left in the summer, she has revealed a number of helpful lifestyle tips that can often help boost fertility health for both men and women.

So whether you’re thinking of having a baby, or considering having your fertility tested, here are a number of things you can be doing yourself at home this summer to help boost your fertility.

  • Get outdoors in the fine weather and soak up as much Vitamin D a possible, which is necessary for healthy bone and embryo development.
  • Stay fit and healthy by engaging in stress-busting exercise such as long walks in the summer evenings or taking part in an outdoor yoga session. Women with high stress levels can take 29% longer to conceive than those who don’t.
  • In more humid weather, guys should avoid excessive exercise, such as long cycles, and should avoid tight fitting clothes when working out.
  • Take advantage of the warmer evenings to replace red meat or heavier meals with fish and seafood. Fish, such as salmon, is a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids, good for cell development and healthy pregnancies.
  • Include plenty of carrots, avocado and asparagus in your summer salads – all fantastic for fertility health. Carrots themselves can improve sperm motility by up to 8%.
  • Summer is a great time of year to kick-start some healthy habits and quit smoking. The longer evenings will give you plenty of time to take up a new activity or hobby to distract from cravings.

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