Therapeutic benefits of adult colouring books

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Colouring books aren’t just for kids – adult colouring books are a massive trend and if you haven’t already got one, you’ll find your nearest bookshop has a shelf dedicated to them. Unlike some fads, this one is actually really good for you and while we all know it’s fun (who doesn’t like helping their kids colour?), there are a number of therapeutic benefits from scheduling in time to colour too…

It gives you a break. Not only does it reduce stress but it relaxes the brain and allows your mind to get the rest it needs too.

Colouring allows the fear centre of your brain to relax, hence making you relax too – and not just while you’re colouring. Giving this part of your brain periodic rests actually reduces your overall stress.

It also trains your brain to focus – but not so much that it becomes a chore or stress itself. It focuses your mind in a way that helps our brain forget our worries. Being able to live in our world and actually feel a moment is rare and wonderful but colouring helps train us to put everything to one side for an hour or so.