Well Being | Master the art of reducing stress levels…instantly

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In work or in the home, our stress levels can reach a point where we feel overwhelmed, unable to cope and suffer some physical side effects such as headaches or nausea. Knowing how to instantly manage your stress levels is essential for your well being.

There is no avoiding stress in our lives, not matter how ‘chilled’ we would like to see ourselves as.

Sometimes, however, those feelings of stress can take over our bodies and we feel physically, mentally and emotionally overwhelmed.

There are some things to get instant relief when you first experience those feelings.

Your breath is directly related to your thoughts. Therefore, if you are feeling anxious there is a good chance that you are breathing too fast or shallow. To balance your mind, slow your breath down by inhaling for a count of five seconds, hold your breath for five seconds, and exhale for five seconds.

In stressful situations, we often say or do things that we regret upon reflection. If there is no need to respond urgently, walk away to take a breath, pause and calm down. Once you have composed yourself, you can respond accordingly.

Nature has an instantly calming effect. Once you feel that pang of stress, simply go outside for a short walk, sit on a park bench or anywhere near green spaces that can ease your mind.

Exercise releases natural adrenaline and endorphins that makes you feel good. Working out during your lunch break can also have the effect of keeping you focused and calm when you return to work.

Others find that relaxing music helps to relieve stress. Music that is uplifting in tone, lyrics, and beat can help your body’s energy to more positive thoughts and less stress levels.