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Messages from Your Angels (Week starting: Monday, March 21st)

“The voice of the Angels is not to be heard. Our voice is within you and part of you – it is you, we are one. Our voice is part of you as you are part of us.

“When you feel a separation from us, you see us as an outside force, something that is alien to you. This is not so. There is no separation Dear One, there is nothing that is not part of God and within God. When you remember this, you realize that we are always with you, we can never be apart. Isn’t this something marvelous, to know that you can never be alone! You are always held within Divine love.

“As we hold you in our embrace, we love you dearly. We cherish every part of you and we want you to know this. We wish for you only joy. When you truly recognise and know this you come home. You come home to the infinite joy that lies within you and you feel whole again.

“You no longer feel separated, apart and fearful, but full, complete and whole. We will help you to remember this if you so wish. We are here for you always. Your joy is ours.

In loving service,
Your Angels.”

Sandra Rea is a gifted healer and spiritual teacher, passionate about helping others to heal and to improve their lives. Sandra is a certified Angelic Core Healer, Reiki Master Healer, Meditation Teacher, a Spiritual Writer and founder of Angelic Bodies Healing Practice. She teaches regular courses and workshops about the angels, meditation, Reiki and spiritual development. For more information log on to www.angelicbodies.ie