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Messages From Your Angels (Week Starting: Monday, September 19th)

“It is in the knowing of your being, of who you truly are, that your peace resides. When you know without doubt who you are, you receive the peace of the ages, of knowing without doubt that you are indestructible, infinite, abundant and peaceful. There is no question in this, but you have learned to question the truth and in so doing you have created doubt in your mind. For you this seems very real and we acknowledge this. This is your challenge and your greatest gift, to rise up beyond the doubt and fear and to accept the truth of who you are. You will succeed in this endeavour. How long it takes you to succeed is up to you.

“If you continue to buy into fear, lack and emptiness, you will undoubtedly remain in your current state. If you choose to see fear for what it is – an illusion, and embrace absolute truth – love, you will progress in record speed (as you would say). Your progression is up to you. You have come to engage in this quest often and you have made definite progress. Now, it is up to you. You have an unprecedented opportunity to rise up in this lifetime to complete the mission you are here to do. You can do this if you choose. It is not without effort, but your effort will be rewarded and is being rewarded.

“If you prefer to choose emptiness, fear and lack, this is your choice, but we know in your heart, you wish to choose love. You wish to be the love that you know you are and that you have been spending your time searching for in vain. Search no more. Be who you are. Be love.

“This involves choosing love over anger, choosing peace over conflict, choosing forgiveness over hatred. Each time you choose. And each time you choose love, you take one step closer to returning to the fullness of your being. With each choice towards love, you become more whole and this feels wonderful.

“We can help you to choose love and to release the pain and fear that you have come to know. We can guide you on the path of love and forgiveness. Just ask yourself in each moment – what am I choosing, love or something other than love?”

Sandra Rea is the Author of Angels Aid, Guided Meditation for Children and Parents, now available to preorder https://amzn.com/178535518X . Sandra is a certified Angelic Core Healer, Reiki Master Healer, Meditation Teacher, and founder of Angelic Bodies Healing Practice. She teaches regular courses and workshops about the angels, meditation, Reiki and spiritual development. For more information go to www.angelicbodies.ie