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Messages from your Angels (Week starting: Monday, November 14)


“The force of love outweighs all “evil.” There is never anything but love. We know this seems ridiculous when you are feeling this way, but know that “this too shall pass.” We have monitored your emotions and we are sending love to you right now, when you most need it. Feel these loving rays of light streaming to you. Feel the essence of love as it wraps around you, reminding you of who you are. Relax, breathe, you are supported.

“Breathe the love in and know that this is already inside of you. Let our loving gift be a reminder of the love that is you. Reconnect with your true essence – only love. There is no place for fear. Love is in your being, just as the essence of a stream is water. Let love flow through you. Let love take you over. Invite love to exist as you. Stay here. Stay in this place of comfort, safety and support.

“Rest for a while and know that in the morning a new day is dawning. Rest in the spaciousness that love grants you. Rest in the knowing that all is well.”

Sandra Rea is the Author of Angels Aid, Guided Meditation for Children and Parents, now available to pre-order https://amzn.com/178535518X . Sandra is a certified Angelic Core Healer, Reiki Master Healer, Meditation Teacher, and founder of Angelic Bodies Healing Practice. She teaches regular courses and workshops about the angels, meditation, Reiki and spiritual development. For more information go to www.angelicbodies.ie