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Messages From Your Angels (Week starting: Monday, March 6th)

“There is indeed cause to celebrate. You are now recognising your worth and this feels so good. Before when you played small and aligned with fear, you felt constricted and unsatisfied. In reality you were constricted, for it is only in releasing fear that you can expand into the fullness of this life experience. 

“Somehow, you have come to believe that fear is your protector. This is such absurd logic and yet, this being your truth is very real to you. Remembering that fear offers you nothing, is an important part of your life purpose. In releasing your fear, you open the door for others to follow. 

“This is an ongoing process and one that you have become very good at. Do not underestimate your power. 

“Embrace the truth of who you are. In this realisation, you know not fear. From this space you are powerful beyond measure. This is the truth of who you are.”

Sandra Rea is the Author of Angels Aid, Guided Meditation for Children and Parents, available here http://amzn.eu/gNKvXdj. Sandra is on a mission to inspire change, re-educate and redefine the way we live our lives. An author, speaker, teacher and healer, she inspires people to release limiting thoughts and behaviour that is holding them back and reconnect with the highest divine expression of themselves. For more information go to www.angelicbodies.ie