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Messages From Your Angels (Week Starting: Monday, August 8th)

Forgive me Dear One for not making it clear. You have been in my mind for a very long time. I have nurtured you and made you at home in a place that is not your home. You have felt at home and yet a long way from home. You were supposed to feel this way. You asked for this experience but you also forgot that you asked and came to feel lost. You have never been lost and never will be. You are always in my heart. I forgive you for all the transgressions you feel you have made. I forgive everything and all is returned to harmony.

You never left my loving embrace although it seems like you have been gone forever. You have always been held in my loving arms. I would and could never leave you, for you are part of me. We are one with the universe. Everything in the universe is you and you are everything. Complete, whole, perfect. Forever.

You are being called to remember your wholeness, your completeness your perfection. Reality is not what it seems and you are definitely not a limited being inside a limited body. You are so much more than this. You are infinitely more than this. Do you remember? Can you feel your wholeness? Can you taste your infinite nature?

Close your eyes. Feel it inside you. Feel the connection with the cosmos. Feel the energy of all that is. This is you. Dear One, this is you.