Wellbeing | Messages from Your Angels for the Week Ahead

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Messages from Your Angels for the Week Ahead (Monday, November 30)

“In peace and joy we come to you again. We are so very grateful for your time and we love you very much. You have often wondered about the words you place on the page. Are they right, are they an accurate depiction of our thoughts? Yes, they are. We speak through you so that others may hear our voice. We have appointed you as one of our many representatives, but we also want others to know that they too can here our voices if they so choose. Not as a loud, outside voice but as the soft gentle voice within your mind.

“We impart our thought to your mind in answer to your questions and prayers. Often you don’t here us as you are too busy listening to your own thoughts. When this happens, we send our messages through other people, events and circumstances. Still, some of you still don’t notice. We do not judge you for this, we simply continue sending our message to you so that one day it may be heard. The more of you that hear our voice, the easier it is for our voice to be heard.

“Our voice travels across the planet in waves of love, and as you pick up the messages we give to you, you ground this loving energy into your physical reality. This helps to bring more and more light into your planet and into your lives. You then contribute to bringing in the light for others. Isn’t this wonderful? Your light, lights the way for others and so the light grows and grows. We have reached a critical turning point where the balance of light has shifted and now there is greater light than darkness. And we thank you. Continue listening to and hearing our voice for there are many others still to follow.

“With love always.
Your loving Angels.”