Wellbeing | Messages From Your Angels for This Week

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Messages from Your Angels for this week (Monday, August 10)

“Hear us speak as we say to you that you create your own reality. You are creative, divine beings created in the likeness of your creator. You have great power and you can manifest miracles. Isn’t this wonderful!

“You are not alone and struggling to find your way. You are already saved. You need only enjoy life and spend your time in creative expression to find fulfilment. The ways of the past are outdated. You no longer need to spend your days doing, but rather creating.

“Look at everything in this light. “How can my creative genius express itself today? What ways can I express myself through my creativity?” Doesn’t this bring new meaning to life? You are no longer here to pass time or “go through the motions”, you are here to enjoy life and live to the fullness of it. Have you become estranged from enjoyment? If so, now is the time to seek it out and reconnect with it.

“Let’s start today, we Angels will work with you. What brings you joy? In what ways are you creative? There are so many forms of creativity – singing, dancing, drawing, writing, baking, knitting, designing, crafting and sculpting. What else comes to mind?

“You can also be creative in your daily tasks. Creating a delicious meal is a creation that if prepared lovingly and mindfully becomes a joyful, creative endeavour. Creating a proposal in your job can also be done lovingly, mindfully and expressively if you choose. And why not choose to do all your tasks in this manner as they then become endeavours of love.

“When you choose love over grievance or control, your whole life becomes magical. Love takes its rightful place in your heart once again and you start living fully, you start enjoying life. Isn’t this what you want?

“Be creative, be expressive, fill your day and each moment with love and love will return to you. Through love, your heart will awaken and your soul will rejoice. Have you not spent enough time choosing otherwise? Love awaits you. Your life awaits you.

“In Joyful Bliss, your Angels.”