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Messages from Your Angels for this week (Tuesday, June 2)

“It is true Dear Ones that you have a life purpose, but how you carry out your function is not delineated. In other words, you can choose how you wish to express your life purpose. This is wonderful news as you can be creative and expansive in carrying out your role.

“Your job is to fulfil your life task in order to help yourself, but also to help others. You help yourself through the enjoyment and growth that you receive from fulfilling what you came here to do. In doing this, you also help others through expressing your gifts in your own unique way. This is truly living, not just “surviving” as you would say.

“When you are not expressing yourself through your talents, in the service of others you feel unfulfilled, because you are not fulfilling your purpose on earth. This vexes you very much because on a deeper level you know that you have so much to offer. You realise your true potential is not being fulfilled and this not only saddens you, but leaves you feeling empty and lacking. You then try to fill the seeming void with doing, but this will never lead to true happiness.

“If you feel uncertain about your purpose ask yourself “what is it that I love to do” or “what brings me true pleasure”? For in doing what you love, in order to help others, you are being of service. In this way, you tap into your purpose.

“You may find that you have more than one pleasure and this can be expressed through many endeavours. This is good as long as you stay true to yourself. Do not confuse obligation with purpose. So many of you feel obliged to do certain jobs which do not truly fulfil you but you convince yourself they must be done. Confusion arises when you mistake obligation with purpose. Ask us angels to help you to become clear and focused. Ask us to help you to align your life path with your life purpose. We will aid you to bring forth the fulfilment that you so desire.”

Sandra Rea is a gifted healer and spiritual teacher, passionate about helping others to heal and to improve their lives. Sandra is a certified Angelic Core Healer, Reiki Master Healer, Meditation Teacher, a Spiritual Writer and founder of Angelic Bodies Healing Practice. She teaches regular courses and workshops about the angels, meditation, Reiki and spiritual development. For more information log on to www.angelicbodies.ie