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Messages from Your Angels for this week (Tuesday, June 23)

“You are too hard on yourselves beloved ones. We think (and know) you are beautiful and perfect just as you are. You believe that you must improve yourself. How can something that is already perfect be improved?

“You do not need to add to yourself in order to reconnect with your true and perfect self. You need to strip away the layers that are hiding your true nature. You have clothed yourself in layers of fears and so you believe that you are not perfect and must strive to restore yourself.

“This is not so. If you simply did nothing, you would eventually see the light that resides within. In fact, doing nothing is often better that trying to do everything! This is what you have been doing and you often go around in circles but never end up where you want to go.

“What you have been doing has been occupying your time – quite effectively, but in an unproductive way. Rather than “filling” your time with doing, try to do less. We know this makes you uneasy. The thoughts of doing nothing are equated with being idle and lazy. This is not so. You are doing less in order to achieve more.

“How can this be you ask? When you strip back the layers and get back to basics, you focus on the important, necessary tasks and leave behind the “filler” tasks, the “stuff” that needs to be done. Have you ever spent hours “doing” but achieved nothing or very little?

“The season of summer is a good time to practice doing less and to foster an attitude of having fun. Start today, clear your schedule as much as possible and go out and play! We want to have fun with you. Ask us angels to help you to reconnect with your joy and to become more playful and happy. Even if you feel you have very important tasks that you absolutely must do today, make a promise to yourself to do something fun – just one small thing that lifts your day. And tomorrow, do the same, find something fun to do.

“Don’t dismiss this as being unimportant. Finding your joy is the most important decision that you will make today. We look forward to being in joy together.”

Sandra Rea is a gifted healer and spiritual teacher, passionate about helping others to heal and to improve their lives. Sandra is a certified Angelic Core Healer, Reiki Master Healer, Meditation Teacher, a Spiritual Writer and founder of Angelic Bodies Healing Practice. She teaches regular courses and workshops about the angels, meditation, Reiki and spiritual development. For more information log on to www.angelicbodies.ie