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Tarot: Your week ahead (Week starting Monday, August 8)

Beginning of the Week: 10 of Cups
We start the week on an emotional high. The 10 of Cups is a card that is strongly associated with happiness, joy and celebration. Perhaps you received some good news over the weekend? Or maybe as we start a new week some unexpected good news reaches you? Either way, it’s the perfect week to begin with an energy of celebration. Count your blessings, be grateful and look for the positives in life. Expect something wonderful to happen.

Middle of the Week: 9 of Cups
We continue on from the celebratory energy of the 10 of Cups and move into the energy of the 9. Many tarot readers, myself included, consider the 9 of Cups to be the wish card. This is a magical card and when it appears it usually foretells of a long-held wish coming true for the person who is receiving the reading. Keep your eyes open for amazing opportunities during the middle of the week and don’t be afraid to take some chances or make some positive changes – they could lead you to somewhere incredible.

End of week: The High Priestess
After all the high energy and excitement of the week, the High Priestess asks us to slow down and go within as the weekend approaches. Spend some time checking in with yourself. Why not try a guided meditation to help you check in with your inner self and relax? You can stream a host of fantastic ones on the Insight Timer app which is available for free on the app store. Or, log on to Youtube.com and search ‘guided meditations’ and you find lots that you can try out. The High Priestess also signifies a secret being brought out into the open.