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Tarot: Your week ahead (Week starting Monday, August 22)

Eight of Wands

Eight of Wands from the Rider Waite Smith Tarot

Theme for the week: Eight of Wands
Get ready for a busy week as when the Eight of Wands appears it brings with it a burst of movement and energy. You’re likely to find that things speed up this week, information comes in thick and fast and you may feel pulled in a host of different directions.

As well as causing things take on an air of busyness, the Eight of Wands also rules communication. It’s a great week for anything involved with communication. Schedule any important meetings for this week. Sign contracts this week. Send an important letter, email or text. Make that phone call you’ve been putting off.

It’s also a fantastic week to indulge in the creative. Now would be the perfect time to start writing that short story or novel, or to finally finish that painting you started a few months ago. Or maybe you’ve been thinking about signing up for a night class? This card tells you that it’s time to take the plunge and you could end up enjoying it more than you think you will. It’s also a great time to clear out the old.

If you can, engage in some decluttering and tidying this week. By getting rid of the old, we open up our homes and our lives to positive new energy and this is always a good thing. It’s also a week where you could get some unexpected news out of the blue. Above all, take this week in your stride, approach things as they arise and don’t forget to schedule in some down time too.

Keywords for this week: Communications, creativity, movement, busyness, hustle and bustle, messages, decluttering, expect the unexpected.