Wellbeing | Tarot: Your Week Ahead

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Tarot: Your week ahead (Week starting Monday, September 19)

Theme for the week: Temperance

14 Temperance

Temperance, Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck

The angel of the tarot, Temperance is a card that always brings a smoother path with it. Life slows down, we have the time that we need in order to take a few deep breaths and consider our next move. There is joy in the ‘not doing’ of the present moment. You may be facing a big decision in your life or a troubling situation. Temperance asks you to be patient. Take a step back before you commit yourself to a path with regards to this. Breathe, relax – it’s in the space of patience that miraculous solutions will present themselves to you. When Temperance appears, you’re also being asked to look at the role balance plays in your life. Do you feel balanced? Do you feel like you have a good work/life balance? If not, why is this? What steps could you take that would help you to regain balance? Is there anything that you could do this week to help you? Find the things that help you to feel balance and do them as often as you can. It’s a good week to spend some time in contemplation or in meditation.

Keywords for the week ahead: Balance, harmony, moderation, wholeness, patience, meaning