Wellbeing | Tarot: Your Week Ahead

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Tarot: Your week ahead (Week starting Monday, October 10)


Knight of Swords, Rider Waite Smith Tarot

Theme for the week: Knight of Swords
When the Knight of Swords appears, it’s important to have your wits about you. This is likely to be a busy week and it’s essential that you stay on top of things. Miscommunication is rife, so think before you speak and double check your texts and emails before you send them. Be careful who you trust and be careful who you share your thoughts with. The Knight of Swords sometimes signifies an unexpected surprise, so be prepared for anything. Stay away from gossip and try to avoid unnecessary conflict. By the end of this week you may be feeling fragile and spun-out. Take some time at the weekend to care for yourself. Also, it’s a great week to employ energy protecting techniques and shielding. Call on Archangel Michael to keep you safe when you’re entering a place where the energy or atmosphere is quite heavy or harsh.

Keywords for the week ahead: Conflict, drama, a bolt out of the blue, something ends, an unexpected surprise, gossip, events speed up